Bugs & Stuff

Known bugs/issues:

  • Activation link in email returns 404
  • Front page video/top bar disappear randomly
  • Front page/top bar shows live and offair shows
  • Help Broadcast page is blank
  • Footer links redirect to [vn] website
  • No chatters list
  • Profile photo to right of chat input box is offset
  • If you type message in chat box before chat connects to server, an error is displayed
  • On [vn], sometimes accepting friend request returns an Error with message “0”
  • Lack of feature to disable profile comment emails
  • No place to edit channel name, change channel background color/image, upload channel header image
All of this is being worked on. I plan on having 99% of this fixed up and working smoothly by this coming Monday.
Thanks for all of your patience and support!
– Mark Vaughn
EDIT: I crossed out the items fixed/resolved. Still working on things!