We’re Back!

After six long hours, Vaughn Live is back in action! It wasn’t my fault this time, but I can guarantee I am already designing a new system to be put in place to prevent downtime like this from happening again!

You guys are awesome! Thank you for being supportive and understanding throughout today’s events! Now stop being productive and get back to Vaughning!

Mark Vaughn

One comment

  1. Thank you, Mark for all you are doing and providing a new and different place for social media to evolve and grow. I personally will be purchasing some v-coins to help in your expenses and to show my support, and hope everyone else does the same on a consistent basis for the extra fun it brings to the channels. Your Vn web sight is full of very helpful staff and crew members that stay in touch daily to make sure things are running smooth for the new broadcasters in transition.
    Good job!

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