Wowza GoCoder Tutorial

If you’ve wondered how you can stream from your mobile device in HD, then this post is for you! Today we’re covering how to configure the Wowza GoCoder which is available for both Android & iOS for free!

Step 1: Install Wowza GoCoder on your mobile device.

Step 2: Run Wowza GoCoder and you’ll be presented with the following screen


Step 3: Tap the “W” gear icon


Step 4: Go to Wowza Streaming Engine


Step 5: Tap Host


Step 6: Here you will input the video ingest server and the port number. You can find a list of video ingest servers under the Channel Settings page on the website you’re streaming to.

Note: When inputting the ingest server, do not include rtmp://! Only the domain name! Valid ingest servers (current at the time of this posting):


Tap Back once you’ve entered the ingest server and port number. The port number is 1935


Step 7: You should be back at this screen now. Tap Application.


Step 8: Here is where you input your stream key, which is found under the Channel Settings page of the site you’re streaming to.

Example stream key: btv_abcd_1234

Regardless of what site you’re streaming to, the Application value must be set to “live”. Stream Name is where you input your stream key.

Tap Done and you should now be at the camera preview screen.


Step 9: To go LIVE on your channel, simply tap the big red button in the bottom right. You can also adjust the stream bitrate by tapping the numbers in the bottom left.


Step 10: Now that you’re LIVE, you’ll want to be able to read chat. To read chat, you will need to use a second device. At the moment our chat system is Flash based so you’ll need to use either a special app that allows you to load Flash content or a device that natively supports Flash (such as a laptop or an older Android device). We understand not everyone has multiple devices, however this tutorial is for streaming HD content to your channel from your mobile device and does not include chat due to it being a third party app.

To view only chat on a secondary device, we recommend using the popout chat URL. If you are streaming to Breakers.TV and your channel name is themvn, then you would use the following URL:

For any further technical help, please visit Tech Corner and one of our awesome volunteers will be glad to assist!