Video ingest servers upgrades

It has been an interesting week of video issues for us. As of late last night the datacenter has completed upgrades to our Chicago and Denver ingest servers. These servers now have double the bandwidth allowing more to broadcast without issue. Having said that we are going to be adding more video ingest servers in the coming months to accommodate current and future growth of our websites.

Also with the added protection system we have implemented across all of our video ingest servers we have seen a great increase in streaming stability across all websites. However a side effect of this will prevent you from connecting to an ingest server if it is at capacity. When this happens you can keep trying to connect or try a different ingest server. Alternatively VIP members have priority and are able to connect to any ingest server as long as it’s physically online. You can find the list of ingest servers under Settings -> Channel. Simply click your name in the top right corner, click Settings and then go to Channel.

If you need any assistance, please come to Tech Corner and one of our awesome volunteers will help you out.


* Video ingest server is the server a broadcaster connects to in order to broadcast on our websites.

** Video edge server is the server a viewer connects to in order to watch a broadcast on our website.


  1. HEy i cee this msg when goin to a channel : Activated Chatters Only Enabled — This only allows folks to participate in chat that have activated their account. This feature is intended to help stop/slow down malicious chatters.
    tryin to active but not working … created new accounts , even if i get the activation link its goes to Myvaughn site but says invalid activation :/

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