Random Playback Glitches & More

We’ve been using Wowza for years as our video server software vendor, but unfortunately we have had nothing but problems in recent years with their software. One of the most noticeable problems is the horrific buffering of HLS playback. We found a better solution and will be implementing it later this year.

Found a glitch which tries load stream name “null” instead of the actual stream name. This appears to happen if the sApi takes too long to finish connecting which results in the stream seeming to take longer to load. Working on a fix for that, no ETA.

Video embeds have been updated to the new Flash player along with some various fixes. Still a few more issues to resolve but for the most part works as intended.

Along with a better HLS playback solution is the sub second latency streaming solution which will soon be replacing the default Flash player on all of our sites. We will be posting updated recommended encoder settings as we get closer to releasing this new HTML5 playback solution.

Chat is nearing completion of its conversion from Flash to HTML5. More information on that can be found during Mark’s daily live streams ( https://vaughnlive.tv/mark ).

That’s it for now, if you have any questions or need assistance with your stream, please stop by Tech Corner and one of our awesome volunteers will be glad to help you!