Month: December 2017

(UPDATED) Watch on mobile devices and Xbox One

(UPDATE: PlayStation 4 support has been added!)

You can now watch your favorite streams on Vaughn Live and Breakers.TV on your mobile device and Xbox One without a special browser! No more Puffin Browser required! Simply open up your devices default browser (or your browser of choice) and browse to your favorite stream!

There are still a few rough edges that need to be sorted out. The front page of each site will say you need Flash Player, but that is due to the spotlight player still being Flash only at the moment. Also a mobile friendly and Xbox One friendly layout is currently in development.

And yes, I can confirm that a native mobile app is in the works.

Chicago and Denver planned network maintenance

Chicago and Denver planned maintenance: December 14, 2017 12am-9am CT (1am-10am ET / 10pm-7am PT). Chicago is updating and replacing core routers. Denver is updating core router software.  Downtime expected to be 30-90 minutes max. Since our video distribution servers are located in Chicago, you will be unable to watch live streams on our sites during the aforementioned downtime. Hopefully it will only last about 30 minutes max. Apologies for the inconvenience ahead of time!