Flash Is Dead

We have officially shut down our Flash video servers and removed all Flash video players from our sites. If you’re a viewer and use a computer that is less than ten years old, you likely won’t notice anything.



If you’re a broadcaster and your stream isn’t viewable anymore, you will need to update your encoder settings (or even your encoder. Note: Free version of XSplit does not work due to its audio codec.) We recommend using OBS Studio (it’s free and awesome!) [ https://blog.vaughnsoft.com/2017/06/18/obs-studio-setup-tutorial/ ]

Here are the basic encoder settings required:

  • Video codec: H.264/x264
  • Profile: Baseline, Main, or High (preferably High)
  • FPS: 30 or 60. Not 29.9, not 50. If you do not use either 30 or 60, expect your viewers to have playback issues on your stream.
  • Video resolution: Any 16:9 ratio should work (Examples: 640×360, 1280×720, 1920×1080). We suggest starting with 640×360
  • Video Bitrate: This depends on your upload speed and the video resolution used in your encoder. We usually suggest 350Kbps to 500Kbps for 640×360 to start out with. Keep in mind that the higher the video bitrate you use, the less likely folks with bad internet will be able to watch your stream.
  • Audio codec: AAC or MP3

Note: If you use a high video resolution in your encoder with a low bitrate, you are likely to have playback issues.


Watching Streams

There is a small group of folks that still use Windows XP. Browser development and updates for Windows XP stopped years ago, meaning the new HTML5 features that modern browsers support, are not supported in Windows XP. So what does that mean for Windows XP users? With Flash removed, they will no longer be able to watch streams on our sites. In fact, they won’t be able to watch HTML5 live streams on any site on the internet since all major websites are dropping Flash. Not to mention that Adobe (the owner of Flash) is officially ending Flash soon.

TL;DR: If you use Windows XP to watch our streams, you’re going to need to use a computer that isn’t old enough to join the military. Sorry.


  1. There’s a known issue where the new Go LIVE Now isn’t working for some. It’s something we’re looking into. To eliminate all possible issues, make sure you use it with Google Chrome until we put a fix out.

  2. I am not tech savvy. I read everything and simply feel like it is now impossible for me to cast on vaughn. My laptop is 2 years old and when I clicked on start broadcast, nothing happened. I don’t want to use a separate program, I like being able to click and cast. I guess I can’t cast on vaughn anymore. It was good while it lasted. I really wish I could just click and cast like before, anything that requires a bunch of updates and downloads is discouraging to me. Isn’t there a version of the site for people like me or an option like that? I hope so, otherwise this was it for me.

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