How to stream to 2 channels simultaneously with OBS studio

1. Go to Settings
2. Go to Output
3. Choose Advanced in Output Mode
4. Choose Recording Tab
5. Choose Custom Output (FFMPEG) under Type
6. Choose Output to URL under FFMPEG Output Type
7. Add the whole rtmp address, including the key as a single path as URL (eg. rtmp://rtmp://
8. Choose h264(video) for Container Format
9. Add video bitrate
10. Choose keyframe interval
11. Rescale Output if needed (for example to downscale to 720. If you do not Rescale, it will use the settings from the Video Tab)
12. Tick the checkbox “Show all codecs”
13. Choose libx264 as Video Codec
14. Set audio bitrate
15. Choose the Audio Track (If necessary. This should be first set in Advanced Audio Properties)
16. Choose aac as Audio Codec

To start streaming to destination 1, click Start Streaming. To start streaming to destination 2, click Start Recording.