ERROR: Could not validate browser

A security update was done earlier in the week to keep bots, scrapers, and malicious traffic from abusing the video system. Typically a browser extension is to blame for blocking the legitimate server requests for our validation check. Only 4% of users are affected by this.

The most common culprit appeared to be DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials browser extension, but other privacy extensions have been reported as causing the same issue.

Privacy is a serious issue, but a very alarming thing I have witnessed with those experiencing this error is they admit to installing numerous privacy extensions without even looking into whether or not they are legitimate and safe. Not only that but using multiple privacy extensions can cause serious issues within your browser, such as the above error. I call these extensions paranoia extensions because many don’t actually offer any protection at all, they’re just multiple layers of tinfoil taped to your browser.

This security update will not be undone, especially since the only ones experiencing problems are those with paranoia browser extensions installed. Try loading a stream in your browsers private/incognito window. If it loads in there then it’s obvious an extension (or extensions) is causing the browser validation error.

To check your browsers validation rating, rated 0.1 to 1.0, visit If no validation results show, then you may have third party cookies blocked.


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  1. Mark, what does the Validation Rating mean? On 3 different browsers, I have an 0.9 rating. When I wasn’t logged in on one browser, it was 0.7. It went to 0.9 after I logged in. Just curious.

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