May 1st and Confirmed Email Addresses

Starting May 1st Confirmed Chatters will be on by default in every channel. This can be turned off by the channel owner if they wish, but definitely not recommended.

Also if you broadcast you will need to ensure your email address on your account is confirmed, otherwise your stream will no longer work. If your email address is old or fake, you can change your email address under Settings. Please do not contact us to manually confirm your email address as we will not do it under these circumstances.

– Mark


  1. I have to use my cellphone because my work computer will not allow me to log into chat room. Now for me to log in on my cellphone it’s asking for email address. I hit the button and says Email has been sent. BUT I haven’t received it yet.

    Thank You,

    Kevin Quinn


  2. here is a thought should just make it default in every channel and get rid of the setting so no one can turn it off period.

  3. hi mark yes fake email are and some other disposal email addresses 😛

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