State Of The Vaughn

September 17th, 2021 at 8pm central (6pm pacific, 9pm eastern) there will be a live stream discussing the current state of Vaughn Live, Breakers.TV, and other projects. We’ll be talking about where we’re at, where we’ve been, and where we want to take things.

Be there!

Live stream will happen at

– Mark


  1. What ever happened to RE-BoBBs. I loved them–they brought traffic to the sight and often had more views than live streams. Can you please play some RE-BoBBs for us.

  2. in response to the comment whom is in denial ok if i feel threatened in any way i will fight back ok
    on vaughnlive you have a bunch of casters whom are the saying one bad apple ruins the whole bunch as far as defecits i meant disabilities
    vaughnlive promotes violence and bullying and top brass turns a blind eye to it all
    let it be known i am a nice guy if i feel im threatened i will act
    end of discussion

  3. There is no bullying @Keith Brescia. The minute someone signs in to your channel you ban them and yell “they’re trying to kill me” before anyone has a chance. I have seen a couple people get to type hello, before you ban them and start screaming and spitting, but that’s about it. Maybe social broadcasting isn’t the best thing for someone with your level of psychosis.

  4. que vuelvan los guest que uno habra y cierre cuando quiera esa funcion estaba antes uno puede elegir 🙂

  5. @Keith Brescia We have tools in place for you to moderate your channel and tools to ignore chatters. You should use the report system to report any TOS issues. Keep in mind we do not get involved with personal arguments. As for your question asking if we have bias against people with learning deficits, I’m not sure what that means. Can you give an example of this?

  6. what is vaughn live plan on doing as far as bullying and allowing vanished casters to gain easy access and start un wanted stress where its un warranted / does vaughn live have a bias against people with learning defecits

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