Random buffering/drops fixed

After several years of chasing the cause of the random buffering that would sometimes happen after watching a stream for a few minutes, we have finally resolved it! There is nothing more frustrating than watching a live stream and it buffering right when something happens. As of yesterday, this issue is no more. With the exception of rare ingest issues, scheduled automated restarts (at 5am central,) and of course broadcaster issues. If a stream is buffering, there’s a good chance it’s the person broadcasting causing it. Whether it be their encoder settings, their computer hardware, or them having internet issues.

This is a big step for us and a huge relief. Now we can better focus our attention other issues and features.



  1. Its definitely worse if anything. Several streamers I watch and know personally haven’t had issues ever until literally now. they have the exact same set ups, hardware and connections they’ve always had for 2 years. However as of Tuesday night they are now buffering like crazy as well as full frame freezes with audio continuing and one of the streamers is watching another and seeing the exact same issues.

    We’re literally having to resort to using the 360P option to get a mostly stable stream, which is nice and all for that ONE stream the rest of us don’t have that on the other channels we watch at however. This has me fearing for my stream tomorrow and having to shut it down early/give up streaming all together. If your response is still literally “not us its you guys” then I’m gona be extremely disappointed cause this is basicly going to end several of us streaming

  2. @Ursula Leach – I’m going to need a little more info than “not fixed here.” What’s likely happening is the broadcaster of the stream you’re watching is having issues. On our end the issue outlined in this blog post is definitely fixed.

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