Servers at capacity? What does that mean?

If you’ve been following the video system updates we’ve been giving, you’re aware of a problematic server company causing a lot of our buffering issues. This morning we pulled the plug on that server company entirely which has greatly increased the quality of service for everyone. The downside? When we pulled the plug on that problematic server company, we reduced our video edge outbound capacity by 10Gbps. But what point is there in having that extra 10Gbps of capacity if it’s absolute garbage and making everyone mad, including me?

That’s where the “Uh oh! Servers are at capacity” message comes in. Since we have reduced video edge capacity right now, this message will show up more frequently. This is to ensure the existing video edge capacity we have isn’t maxed out. If we didn’t have that safety measure in place it would cause buffering and crashing to happen due to outbound bandwidth being maxed out. We’ve had this system for many years, long before we offered VIP packages. Until VIP came along, you had no option to watch a stream on our platform if our servers were at capacity. But now, because VIP is on its own video system, it allows you to bypass that servers at capacity message entirely. Or you can wear out the F5 button on your keyboard.

So why don’t we replace the servers we pulled offline or add capacity? The primary reason is cost of quality. We’re making quality of service a priority rather than quantity. As a result, it is far more expensive to add capacity to maintain a high quality of service. As of right now the plan is to add an additional 5Gbps of capacity before the end of this month.

Thank you all for your patience and thank you all for being such an amazing community! And a huge shout out to our VIP members! You guys are incredible!



  1. @Mark Crawford (@alwaysrocking01)

    Considering what it costs to run, your suggestion for a lower price isn’t sustainable. The good news, however, is you can still use our service for free!

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