OBS Studio Setup Tutorial

OBS Setup:

OBS is a stand alone free streaming encoder, and should not be used in conjunction with the Vaughn.live built in Go Live now or Start Stream option. All streams using OBS should be started from the Start Streaming button on the OBS main screen.

SUGGESTED ENCODER SETTINGS can be found in the table below.


Getting Started:

You will need both your Ingest Server URL and your Stream Key. Right click link below and open in a new tab . Leave this page open  to copy the settings used in the next step. Select the Ingest server closest to your physical location.


  1. On the  main OBS Screen click settings.
  2. Next click Stream in to column to the left.
  3. Top line Service select Custom .
  4. Copy the rtmp url from the channel settings page we opened previously and paste where it says URL.
  5. Copy the stream key from the channel settings page and paste where it says Stream Key. Never allow other to see your stream key as it will allow them to stream to your channel with no login required.
  6. Click Apply
  7. Next select Output from the column on the left in the OBS settings page.
  8. In the line where it says Output Mode select Advanced.
  9. On the second line make sure streaming is highlighted.
  10. On the line that says encoder select x264.
  11. On the rescale output line check mark the box that says Rescale Output.
  12. In the drop down box to the right select the drop down arrow to the right and select the resolution you want your stream to be. If the size you need isn’t listed then manually type it in. Eg. 640×360, 1280×720 etc. In the Rate Control box select CBR. In the Bitrate box use the up/down arrow keys to select your bitrate or manually type it in. Eg. 1000kbps.
  13. In the Keyframe Interval (seconds, 0=auto)  make that value 2.
  14. On the CPU Usage Preset select veryfast
  15. On the Profile line select high. Leave all other settings on that page the default value. (It’s very important that rate control is CBR and the keyframe is 2). Either of those set to the wrong value can cause buffering issuse on your stream.
  16. Once you have all of that setup click apply to save the changes.
  17.  Next select to Video tab in the obs settings. The top line Base (Canvas) Resolution as is, it will default to your current monitor resolution.
  18. On the second line Output (scaled) Resolution select 640×360 from the dropdown menu or manually type in the value 640×360 in the box.
  19. The third line should say Downscale filter: select Bicubic (sharpened scaling, 16 samples).
  20. The forth line is the Common Fps Values  30 or 60  either one is fine.  60 typically isn’t needed except for certain things like gaming.
  21. Click apply the click OK.
  22. You OBS should be ready to stream.

If you have any further questions or need additional help you can always visit Tech Corner and speak directly with site technician’s at this address or email: tech @vaughnsoft.com. Vaughnlive Tech Channel. 

Classic Guest Chat is back?

I know what you’re thinking… “Mark, didn’t you say guest chat was terrible and never coming back?”

Yes I did, person reading this blog post. Since removing guest chat almost four years ago, a lot of you have expressed your dislike of its removal. Through many live streams and open discussions, we came to a middle ground: Guest chat can come back, but with more limitations and only available to those on the mobile app.

Fast forward to today and you’ll see some of those decisions have been modified. Because the new chat server software and chat clients are nowhere near completion, I decided to bring back the Classic Guest Chat until the new system has been completed. That means guest chat can be enabled by broadcasters in their channels and anybody can chat, no mobile app needed. Ironically the Classic Guest Chat isn’t available in the current Android app. So if you want to chat as a guest, you’ll need to do it from a browser.

But not so fast, it’s called Classic Guest Chat but some things have been changed. There are no longer infinite guest names. They are now tied to your IP address. VPNs are of course not allowed (we didn’t have a VPN filtering system in place during the original guest chat days.) And if you’re a broadcaster, you are still responsible for moderating those that chat as guests. If at any time we feel a broadcaster is not correctly moderating their guest chat, we will revoke their guest chat from their channel. Though, admittedly I don’t see that happening unless in extreme scenarios.

So there you have it, Classic Guest Chat is back on Vaughn Live (sorry Breakers.TV, no guest chat for you.) It’s off by default in all channels. Have fun and say something nice!


Android update

If you are using the Vaughn Live Android app, make sure to update to the latest version. There is a critical chat bug fix in the recent update.

And, if you’re using the Breakers.TV Android app and wondering where the updates are, it will be brought up to date once we’ve reached version 1.2 on the main branch. At that point both Vaughn Live and Breakers.TV Android apps will match in bug fixes and features.

Before anybody asks, yes there will be an iOS app. No, I don’t know when it will be ready lol.


Random buffering/drops fixed

After several years of chasing the cause of the random buffering that would sometimes happen after watching a stream for a few minutes, we have finally resolved it! There is nothing more frustrating than watching a live stream and it buffering right when something happens. As of yesterday, this issue is no more. With the exception of rare ingest issues, scheduled automated restarts (at 5am central,) and of course broadcaster issues. If a stream is buffering, there’s a good chance it’s the person broadcasting causing it. Whether it be their encoder settings, their computer hardware, or them having internet issues.

This is a big step for us and a huge relief. Now we can better focus our attention other issues and features.


Old encoder software banned?

Starting December 1st: warning messages will appear on streams that have bad/incorrect encoder settings. Notifications will be going out to broadcasters via the website outlining what encoder software is supported as well as what encoder settings are considered correct.

If you are using old and outdated encoder software to broadcast, you will be affected by this. To ensure best possible results, use the latest version of OBS Studio. If you do not use the recommended encoder software and settings, then that is done so at your own risk.

If you use the Go LIVE Now broadcaster in the Android app or on the desktop browser, you will not be affected by these changes.

Vaughnmas 2021 is here!

Watch it LIVE on Sunday December 19th, 6pm CST / 7pm EST / 4pm PST / 12am GMT

URL: https://vaughn.live/vaughnmas

Where do you send your submission?

Due to abuse of the Dropbox upload link, please send us an email to contact@vaughnsoft.com with subject “Vaughnmas 2021 Upload” and we will reply with a link for you to upload your video and/or greeting card. Thank you for your understanding!

State Of The Vaughn

September 17th, 2021 at 8pm central (6pm pacific, 9pm eastern) there will be a live stream discussing the current state of Vaughn Live, Breakers.TV, and other projects. We’ll be talking about where we’re at, where we’ve been, and where we want to take things.

Be there!

Live stream will happen at https://vaughn.live/community

– Mark

Chat embed being removed?

On July 31st, 2021, we will be disabling the chat embed on both Vaughn Live and Breakers.TV. There are several reasons for this but the two main reasons are due to functionality and our focus shift toward apps. In recent years browser security has increased quite a bit which has left our chat embed somewhat broken. Specifically the sign in function is broken, you cannot sign in using the chat embed even if you use the correct username/password. This is due to a security change in browsers. As this would require significant development time to address, we decided it’s not something we wish to put resources toward seeing as we’re shifting focus toward mobile and desktop apps for our two live streaming platforms.

If you have any questions, send them to contact@vaughnsoft.com