Video Encoder Settings

While switching to HTML5 is going to open our live streaming platforms to more people, one issue is the different video encoder settings some of our streamers use. As of June 26, 2017 you must use the following encoder settings in order for your stream to be viewed by everyone:

Minimum recommended settings:

  • 640×360 resolution
  • 500Kbps video bitrate (VBR can be used although CBR is preferred)
  • 128Kbps audio bitrate
  • 30fps
  • Keyframe interval of 2.0 (or 250 depending on the encoder software you use)
  • H.264/x264 video codec
  • AAC or MP3 audio codec

Maximum recommended settings:

  • 1920×1080 resolution
  • 3500Kbps video bitrate CBR
  • 128Kbps audio bitrate
  • 60fps
  • Keyframe interval of 1.0 (or 60 depending on the encoder software you use)
  • H.264/x264 video codec
  • AAC audio codec

Note: The current version of MvnCaster does not meet the minimum requirements which will greatly limit your audience. MvnCaster will be removed from Breakers.TV,, and Pearl TIme on June 26, 2017. It will still be available on Vaughn Live but is not recommended until the new MvnCaster has been built.

(MvnCaster is the built in broadcast tool)

Also note: To ensure the lowest latency, set your keyframe interval low. We allow keyframe intervals as low as 0.5 (30), however be mindful of playback issues of your viewers with poor internet connections.

HTML5 player testing

Pushed iOS fix for HTML5 player. Also added Loading, Buffering, Stream Error animations. At the moment only a few streams have the HTML5 player during this testing phase:

The HTML5 player will be rolled out to all of the sites once testing has concluded.

Video system status and other updates

You should be experiencing less buffering and more stable connections to our video system at this moment. You may go back to using the Chicago ingest server if you haven’t already.

Live Viewers count isn’t showing for everyone, it seems. This issue has been traced to a potential buffer overflow issue in our custom server software. This poses no security threat and is harmless. Mostly annoying.

And we’ve updated our Terms of Service across all of our products. You can find the Terms of Service by clicking the Terms link at the bottom of any of our services.


Chicago video ingest issues

If you are a streamer and are experiencing dropped frames or your viewers are experiencing a lot of buffering/choppy playback, try switching to a different video ingest server in your encoder software. At the moment our Chicago ingest server is experiencing some intermittent issues that we are working to resolve.

You can find a list of video ingest servers in the channel settings page of the site you are streaming to. Example:

Our sites still use Flash

At the moment all of our sites use Flash to display video and chat. Don’t worry, we’re in the process of moving away from Flash. But in the mean time it appears some browsers (such as Google Chrome) are disabling Flash by default. Here is how you enable Flash on our sites for now:

  1. Click to the left of the URL in your browsers address bar
  2. Change the Flash property to Allow and then refresh the page

You should see something like this pop up if you’re using Google Chrome


If you’re using Firefox, click the little lego looking icon to the left of the URL in the address bar and click Allow and Remember


For Microsoft Edge users, click the puzzle piece in the address bar and click Always allow


New video ingest server and Puffin Browser

In case you didn’t notice, we added a brand new video ingest server located in New York, US about a week ago. You can find the RTMP URL for it in your channel settings, or rtmp://

Also, we’ve come up with a workaround for being able to view chat on Puffin Browser for those on our Vaughn Live site. You should now be able to see chat on Puffin Browser once again!