VIP Gold and VPN’s

We’ve got a reputation for blocking VPN’s, it’s no secret. The original reason behind doing that was to slow down malicious users from coming back as easily after being banned from our sites. While we have no intention of allowing VPN’s, it is no secret that many legitimate folks use VPN services in non-malicious ways.

Starting today you can leave your VPN on if you have a VIP Gold account. Normally during the sign in process you’re presented with a message asking to turn off your VPN if you’ve left it on, but if you sign in with your VIP Gold account you will no longer get that message.


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Mark broke it!

It’s true, I did it again. This time it’s with the Go LIVE Now broadcast tool. For a while now, many folks have had issues getting our broadcast tool to work. As it turns out, this has been caused by webcams not supporting higher resolutions. But that’s not the best part! Today I discovered that I set the minimum resolution to 640×640 instead of 640×360. How did that happen? I used the minimum width variable for both the width and height.

Yeah, I know.

If you’ve had trouble getting Go LIVE Now to work in the past, even as recent as an hour before this post has been made, refresh and give it another try.



Video system crashes and overheating CPUs

For several months we’ve been trying to track down a very elusive cause of the video system crashing. From extensive configuration changes to all servers to code patches to the primary ingest software by its vendor. Two days ago we set up hyper logging of all OS events and waited for the primary ingest server to crash again. Like clockwork, it crashed last night and shed light on a serious issue. One of the CPUs in the primary ingest server were running over 90c at less than 50% load. This caused the OS to throttle that CPU down significantly which caused the ingest server software to lock up, which caused a domino effect, thus resulting in a complete video system outage.

At 9am, July 12, 2018, the datacenter housing that server is replacing it with an entirely new server. This will cause about 15-30 minutes downtime, unfortunately. But I’d say that’s minimal compared to the frustration the video system crashes have caused us and everyone using our sites for the last several months.

Of course there’s always the possibility that this may not entirely fix the issue. But based on how the video system crashes when that CPU goes into thermal protection, we’re fairly confident that will be resolved with the new server.

Thank you all for sticking with us and being so patient. The amount of lost sleep and frustration thanks to this issue has been incredible and has taken its toll on us. (I’m personally taking a 30 hour nap after all this.) But we’re pushing forward to try and provide the best live streaming experience we possibly can.

Mark Vaughn

iPhone/iPad/PS4 Viewing

Roughly one month ago we had to disable our HLS video system due to DDoS attacks and abuse. Unfortunately that means you cannot watch live streams on iPhone, iPad and PS4. We are working on a new HLS video system that can mitigate the DDoS attacks and abuse, but there is currently no ETA on when it will be ready. There is currently no alternative way to watch live streams on iPhone, iPad and PS4.

Sorry 😦

Known MvnCaster Issues

If you aren’t familiar with the name MvnCaster, it is the name of our built in broadcast tool. You can find it by clicking the red Go LIVE Now button at the top of our sites (excluding

Recently we rolled out a new MvnCaster to replace the old Flash based one. Right now it’s in Experimental phase of development due to many browsers implementing WebRTC differently. So far the most stable and RFC compliant implementation is with Google Chrome. Although it does work with Firefox, too.

There are some known issues with the new MvnCaster, here is a list (in no specific order):

  • Audio playback on the Go LIVE Now page causing an echo
  • No video device (black screen) even though webcam is hooked up
  • Getting kicked off air as soon as you start broadcast (we believe this is associated with the no video device error above)
  • Doesn’t work on latest version of Opera or Microsoft Edge
  • Only works in Safari on iOS (iPhone/iPad)

These issues are being addressed and will be rolling out bug fixes to (hopefully) address these known issues. Although the Micrsoft Edge issue may be last on the list due to how broken their WebRTC implementation is.

If you have any questions or experience any issues, please visit Tech Corner and one of our awesome volunteer Tech’s will do what they can to help you!

Note: Tech Corner is available on all of our sites.