Month: November 2011

We’re Back!

After six long hours, Vaughn Live is back in action! It wasn’t my fault this time, but I can guarantee I am already designing a new system to be put in place to prevent downtime like this from happening again!

You guys are awesome! Thank you for being supportive and understanding throughout today’s events! Now stop being productive and get back to Vaughning!

Mark Vaughn


So, this was great timing, actually. I’m glad it didn’t happen during the Wounded Warrior Project fundraiser hosted by Wabbit.

What happened is a server in Ohio went down due to the provider making an error in their routing tables. When I called them about this, the representative on the other end laughed as he told me to email their support.  Needless to say, I will not be renewing my contract with them, which ironically expires on December 1, 2011.

I am in the process of backing up the Ohio server with what little connection I’m able to obtain to it, I’ve already got a full database backup done, now I am backing up the website files and etc in preparation for the new server I have waiting to pick up the slack and bring the website back online.

The video servers and chat is online, it’s just the website that is down. I am working as fast as humanly possible to get the website back online, I appreciate your patience through this.

Mark Vaughn